Rain & Her Mom Cassie

Within sight of the majestic peaks of the Cascade Range, the Borzoi of North Woods enjoy 10 acres of meadows among the towering evergreens, birches, and wild roses typical of the Pacific Northwest. When not in the spacious North Woods Kennels, the Borzoi run, hunt, and play in an expanse that allows them to develop their physical and mental qualities to the fullest. One of our greatest pleasures is to watch our Borzoi in this natural setting, where the hunting instincts and abilities of these regal sighthounds can be observed. For us and all who visit North Woods, seeing the Borzoi running at the speeds and over the distances that are such a part of their breed heritage is a thrill never to be forgotten.

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" I'm so stressed these days....
I don't know whether I've found a leash or lost one of my dogs."